2EDA: 2nd European Days of Albinism, Valencia, Spain, 5-6 April 2014
2nd European Days of Albinism

Valencia, Spain, 5-6 April 2014

ALBA: Spanish Association in Support of People with Albinism
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Youth with albinism web page


Sponsors of this 2EDA meeting in Valencia

..CIBERER-ISCIII (Rare Diseases Consortium in Spain).


.VISION ANIMAL projectMadrid.org


.Collaborating Institutions of this 2EDA meeting in Valencia


ONCE: Spanish National Organization for the Blind


The Sponsors for the 1st Meeting of Young People with Albinism are:

Programa La juventud en accion

Agencia Nacional Española


with the support of:


Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana