2EDA: 2nd European Days of Albinism, Valencia, Spain, 5-6 April 2014
2nd European Days of Albinism

Valencia, Spain, 5-6 April 2014

ALBA: Spanish Association in Support of People with Albinism
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2EDA Organizing Committee: ALBA

Mónica Puerto

José Antonio Solves

Juan Carlos Yuste

Enrique Puig

Luis Ferrando

Charles Fotso

Fabián Gradolph

Javier Silvestre


2EDA Scientific Committee:

Benoît Arveiler (Bordeaux, France)

Karen Grønskov (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Barbara Käsmann-Kellner (Homburg, Germany)

Vittoria Schiaffino (Milan, Italy)

Lluís Montoliu (Madrid, Spain)

2nd European Days of Albinism: THE PICTURES

Pictures of the 2EDA and 1YPA

2nd European Days of Albinism (2EDA)

Presentation: The 2EDA aims to join researchers, interested in albinism, with patients and their associations, in order to discuss, in parallel, both scientific and social aspects of albinism, exchanging ideas, projects and initiatives, at the European level. This 2EDA meeting, organized by ALBA, the Spanish Association in support of people with albinism, follows a previous successful edition, 1EDA, organized by Genespoir, the French Association in support of people with albinism, in Paris in October 2012. The 2EDA meeting is planned over a weekend, 5-6 April 2014, to allow the participation of patients and their families. On the first day (Saturday, 5 April) scientists and members of the associations will meet separately and discuss their own topics and agendas. On the second day (Sunday, 6 April), first half of the morning is devoted to continue the concurrent sessions and, eventually, both scientists and members of the associations will gather together and summarize the topics discussed and the conclusions/recommendations achieved before all delegates. The aim of this conference series is to promote awareness of albinism, to trigger collaborative research projects on albinism, and to facilitate collaborative efforts between the different associations in support of people with albinism existing in Europe and represented at this meeting.

1EDA organized by Genespoir in Paris in October 2012

Picture: 1st European Days of Albinism, organized by Genespoir in Paris, 27-28 October 2012

Youth with albinism web page

1st Meeting of Young People with Albinism

Presentation: The 1st Meeting of Young People with Albinism will take place in Valencia, on the same days of the 2EDA (5-6 April 2014). ALBA, the Organizer, has secured European funds to cover the expenses of this meeting. ALBA is most pleased to have obtained the required financial help because it means that we will be able to gather in Valencia boys and girls with albinism from across Europe, and give them the opportunity to meet, exchange on their personal experiences and initiate joint projects. We are expecting a very rich, interesting and promising event.

The main goal of this meeting is to give the opportunity to young members of our associations to meet other young people with albinism from different European countries, share with them experiences and propose future joint projects. For example, we would like them to discuss the possibility of organizing a European summer camp for boys and girls with albinism or an exchange program for families of children with albinism. We believe that it is very important to give to our young people the best education and environment for them to become the future elite capable of taking on the challenges faced by our European collaboration in an increasingly globalized and complex society.

This European meeting of young people with albinism will be held on the same days than the 2EDA, but it will have its own agenda, its own activities, etc. The participants will be lodged in the same hotel where the rest of delegates and representatives of associations will also stay. This should be a better environment for them to get to know each other and socialize during the two days that will last the meeting. At last, we suggest that the young people attending this meeting would no younger than 18 and no older than 30 years old.